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Star Citizen
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Star Citizen
So I have been a bit behind on the internet I guess, because I just learned about this game.

I have always loved space simulators. One of the first games I ever played was X-wing, then shortly followed by tie fighter, x-wing vs tie fighter, X wing alliance.

Anyway, this game looks awesome. You get the awesome open world of an MMO, but it appears there are none of the annoying MMO gimmicks of XP grinds or "gather 18 apples" quests. You have first person on-foot immersion, as well as space piloting action with realistic physics and all sorts of possibilities with your ships - transporting cargo as a trader, being a pirate and stealing that cargo, being a mercenary and fighting that pirate, attaining wealth and starting your own business... looks like there are a lot of possibilities.

Has anyone else looked into this game and have any interest? I will keep looking at it and I am considering helping on kickstarter. It also looks like an awesome game to get the occulus rift for.
03-26-2014 10:30 AM
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RE: Star Citizen
Interesting...I am a Star Citizen...been wondering if anyone one else might be. Cool

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03-26-2014 02:27 PM
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RE: Star Citizen
Ocu rift was just bought by facebook, might not do so well now.... we'll see.

i'm game to try it out.

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03-27-2014 12:42 PM
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RE: Star Citizen
From what I can gather this is another game with huge aspirations, of which they may or may not meet. One of the guys I watch on twitch does a weekly update show for Star Citizen on Youtube.

Hopefully all the people who have invested in it get to see their vision realized.
03-30-2014 01:53 PM
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