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To the core
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To the core
With all the policy discussion as of late I just wanted to ensure that you guys know I don't hate or dislike anyone because of their opinion.

I'm an intense dude. So if I disagree with you I'm going to tell you.

But I love playing tribes with you guys. So you could all be liberal nut jobs and I would still log on everyday and help capture the flag.
My opinions are based on how to maximize my personal enjoyment with you guys. Which is why I want to ban everyone I don't like. Tongue

just wanted to clarify so I don't stir up additional problems because of my intensity.

plus I think I'm the only core member that has been kicked by a server full of trolls to date. I remember who was there. trolls and enablers. both are equally as bad regardless of whatever bullshit explanation they have.

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02-21-2014 03:35 PM
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RE: To the core
Understood Tiki, and I think most of the "Core" know that already.

I do not know who was on the server when you got kicked but I was truly pi$$ed when I learned about it. If I could have learned who had started the vote and who had voted I would have banned them all at the time. In the meantime, I have cooled off some (still pi$$ed about it though) and believe I have learned who started the vote.

My perspective in part: you had taken over the brunt of the responsibility for the Mixer after Taka disappeared and did a great job managing it, implementing good improvements. As a result of being the back bone of the Mixer you have become the "favorite" of many of the players and the player who started the vote explained that he did so as a joke, poor taste in my opinion, but I have accepted his explanation. If he has not apologized to you personally he needs to do so, as do all those who voted the kick. Angry

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"Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolf-bane blooms,
and the autumn moon is bright".
02-21-2014 05:45 PM
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RE: To the core
Tiki, at first I was a bit concerned because I do stupid things sometimes...but I am glad you still play with me.

Thanks for playing with me.
02-26-2014 05:23 PM
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