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[OFFICIAL] League Rules - Takavoncracka - 01-28-2013 12:23 AM

Updated 3/8/2013
Updated 3/18/2013
Updated 6/20/2013

Welcome one and all to Tribes: Ascend Mixer Tournament! We have a number of specific rules that need to be adhered to. This is in an effort to promote as fair and fun a playstyle as possible. If you disagree with any of these rules, please make a thread on the forum and it will be brought up for discussion.

The tournament will adhere to the following modified rules from Tribes: Ascend standard:

These settings will be subject to change at any time during the course of the tournament as the benefits of increasing the player count become more apparent.

One of each vehicle class is allowed per team
Shrike cost 40,000 credits
Beowulf cost 30,000 credits
Gravcycle cost 5,000 credits
Sentinel Class is disabled
One Infiltrator permitted
Three Technicians (to accommodate the bug at two limit)
Tactical and Orbital Strikes are disabled
Inventory Stations cost 2000 points
XP Points are Pool Team Credits, not individual
Base asset upgrades are disabled
Team Damage is On Full
Smoke Grenades are disabled
Generators are able to be destroyed


Each season in the Mixer Tournament is deemed to be approximately one month in length. It will consist of four weeks of matches followed by a title match to close the season. The teams involved in the title matches are determined from overall victories in the preceding season matches. In the case of a third team qualifying for the finals match, a semi-final match will be played to determine a team to advance to the finals. At the start of the season, teams are selected via the Draft. The selections will be in place until the close of the season and cannot be changed except under particular circumstances. This is to promote unity and teamwork among the players on each team.


At the outset of each season is the Draft. The Draft will sort the players into their seasonal teams. To start, team captains are taken from the pool of volunteers for each season. If you wish to be considered for team captain, simply say so in the open chat session in which the Draft will take place. After the captains are decided, random draw will assign a drafting order. Each captain will then take turns selecting teammates for his or her team for that season. Once each team has selected four teammates (7 including the captain) they are ready to start the season.


By general consensus, matches will be played on Sunday evenings, unless otherwise agreed upon by the two participating teams. If a player cannot make a Sunday evening match, it is the player's responsibility to inform their team captain of the problem and discuss a possible alternate date and time. This date and time is then presented to the other team captain to reach a consensus. If consensus is reached, the match will take place at the new time and date. If, however, an agreement cannot be reached, the team whose player cannot participate must use a substitute. A match schedule will be released at the start of the season and teams have until 2 days (48 hours) before a match to make any needed scheduling changes.

If the day of the match arrives and a team is missing more than two players for their scheduled match, the match is considered a forfeit for that team and a point is awarded to the opposing team. If neither time is able to field 3 or more players on their respective teams, the match is considered a draw and thrown out of rankings.


Each team will be assigned as being either Home or Away for each of their matches at the outset of the season. The Home team gets to pick the first Map and Side (Blood Eagle or Diamond Sword) for their team to play, the Away team gets to pick the second, and the Home team gets to pick the third, if the game goes to the third round. Every effort will be made to give each captain an equal number of Home field advantages.


The Mixer Tournament understands that real life can be a pain and players cannot be expected for their schedules to revolve around Tribes (unfortunately...) so sometimes players cannot make it to their assigned matches due to unforeseen circumstances. If that is the case, the opposing team from the team requiring a substitute can pick the substitute to play from other players available the night of the match.


At least one referee must be present for a match to be official. There will be four referees for the duration of the tournament. In the event that all four referees are participating in a particular match, a temporary referee may be appointed to adjudicate any disputes in a match. Current referees are HairyTikiMan, NetRat, Spinebuster and OldeWolfe.


There will be an official channel setup on for streaming the event live. At each scheduled match, there will be one or two shoutcasters, one of which will be designated as the cameraman, the other being another vocal commentator. The matches will be archived on twitch for future reference and tallying points for each season. Other players are welcome to watch the streaming event and enjoy the show. Please contact Taka if you are interested in running camera or providing commentary on played matches and you will be worked into the rotation. You cannot play a match and shoutcast at the same time.


The following maps are allowed for the tournament:

- Katabatic
- Crossfire
- Canyon Crusade Revival
- Raindance
- Permafrost
- Tartarus
- Arx Novena
- Dry Dock

Servers have a maximum of eight maps in the rotation, so the tournament map rotation may have to be modified prior to the match depending on Captain's decisions.

The draft occurs on the first Saturday of each month and you must be registered and signed up on the OSL Board to be drafted. If you are unable to attend the draft, please sign up ASAP and let either OldeWolfe or Spinebuster know you're interested so you can be drafted on draft day. We look forward to seeing you!

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - Takavoncracka - 03-09-2013 12:40 AM

Rules updated for 7v7 Tournament

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - Gorthaur - 03-16-2013 09:12 PM

So these are still broken right? Need base upgrades and vehicles for 7v7

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - hairytikiman - 03-17-2013 08:42 PM

Yes i agree with gorth

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - OldeWolfe - 06-14-2013 10:38 PM

These rules will be changing somewhat prior to the commencement of the OSL tournament so I am going to close this thread and lock it down. Any ideas, preferences, thoughts, or etc. that anyone may have concerning said set of rules should probably post on the OSL board although anyone is free to post here on CYGNUS also.

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - OldeWolfe - 06-21-2013 01:39 AM

Thread is now open, please feel free to comment or make suggestions.

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - ThePlaneswalker - 06-23-2013 10:32 AM

Due to, well, overly well wielded tanks we experienced, we've now found a new issue.. I suggest not banning tanks but raise the price to be the same (or higher) as the shrike. Having a tank is one thing, making it easy to keep getting them and pwning the flagstand all match is another. If its going to take away someone from the enemy to dedicate time to destroying the tank given its threat then the points spent need to be adequate to encourage judicious use, including balancing the need for shrikes if the team wants them over a tank.

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - OldeWolfe - 01-10-2014 02:53 PM

This thread is very, very out of date. What brought it to my attention was Tasadar1 modifying his T:A server (Cygnus2) settings to match the CYGNUS server.

I will do my best to update the original post so that it reflects current conditions on both servers sometime today. Done.

This thread reflects the hope that we would be able to establish a Mixer Tournament in addition to the regularly scheduled Saturday Night Mixer. Until or unless this hope is completely snuffed the description thereof will be maintained, otherwise the rules reflect those currently in use in the Saturday Night Mixer.

RE: [OFFICIAL] League Rules - OldeWolfe - 02-10-2014 06:44 PM

The password to the Mixer has been changed.

It will not be given to anyone who has not heard and agreed to abide by the Mixer Gentleman's Rules. If you did not attend the last Mixer (February 8) but wish to play the Mixer, you are welcome to join the CYGNUS teamspeak and notify the group that you need to hear the Rules so that you can get the password. It will only take a few minutes.

Hope to see everyone there! Big Grin