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Spiderman ps4 - Green Eagle - 10-03-2018 11:14 PM

Anyone play that yet - it is awesome.

First game I have played through twice. (Get from one end of the map without touching the ground)

Just wondering Smile

Also - what new/old games are you all into now?

RE: Spiderman ps4 - OldeWolfe - 10-04-2018 08:34 PM

PS4? That is a game that cannot be played on the pc, right? I don't have a playstation or XBox or Nintendo. I enjoyed your YouTubes, good job my friend! Thanks for sharing. The only game I'm playing regularly now is Star Wars: The Old Republic, I find it quite entertaining. I still have Tribes: Ascend installed on my machine and go there once in a while, and maintain TeamSpeak3 server for those guys/gals who still play the game and use the TS3. I am a Star Citizen (Roberts Space Industries) and purchased a ship but have not tried any of the pre-release versions...I think Alpha 3 is the current one, I'll probably suxxor at that as I do now at T:A. I once tried the Eldor Scrolls, actually subscribed for a few months but SWTOR usurped my interest. I miss the ol' gang.

RE: Spiderman ps4 - Green Eagle - 10-05-2018 10:04 AM

Yea, it is a PS4 exclusive, just like The Last Of Us which is why I bought a PS4. It isn't terribly hard once you get the learning curve, but for me, it is a fun game.

So, just learned this and this is why I posted videos of my gameplay. The PS4 has 2 different hard drives and one is for games and other - the other one is like a DVR - it is constantly recording your gameplay, didn't know that. A couple of clicks and it will post it on YT, FB or one other one, forget. That is pretty neat, I think.

Anyway, yea - I miss the good ol days of T2 myself, It is hard to find something that will hold your attention for any length of time. I probably put about 160 hours into the elder scrolls and got bored - same with Metal Gear Solid 5 (which is an awesome game also). Spider man was to short - I think to do everything in the game, I put about 25 hours into it. New DLC at the end of the month though, yay.

I saw Star Wars: Battlefront was on Sale for PS. I think it may be an online game though - my days are done for that. I tried Fortnite out for an evening - but deleted soon after.

Good to hear from ya